February 20, 2009
From boys to men

by Viclene Matthews 20.FEB.09

“You are the ones who are to make the boys into men!”

That’s the charge Minister of Rural Transformation Selmon Walters gave the men present at a men’s conference last Saturday, February 14, at the New Life Ministries Church.{{more}}

While delivering the feature address, Walters told the audience of men to train our boys in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. At the conference, which was held under theme “Looking for the Men”, Walters said that they have to make it their purpose to know where the boys are and what they are doing. “Our first order as men is to preserve the species called man,” said Walters.

Seemly very passionate about the topic, Walters, who is the father of four boys, stated that the kind of man a boy grew up to be is a reflection of his father’s work. He believes that if the problem of male marginalization persists, our daughters will not find “a good man to get married to”.

Walters impressed upon the men the need to lead a change with the present challenges that affect our men. He encouraged them to take the information they received from the conference and be different fathers.

While giving an overview of the program, acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Rural Transformation, Nathanial Williams, expressed concerned that the perpetrators of violence are mostly males. He said there is a need for men to meet because there are challenges which they are faced with.

The conference covered topics such as “God and the Church are looking for the Men” and “The family and society are looking for the Man”. The facilitators were Dr Hubert Bruce, Dr Melch Pope, Bishop Wendell Roberts and Michael Ackers. (VM)