February 13, 2009
NIS head wants to see sidewalk ramps in city

If the Head of the National Insurances Services has his way, the sidewalks and buildings in and around capital city Kingstown will soon be easier access for persons with disabilities and the elderly.{{more}}

In fact, steps are already being taken to make this a reality, as laws have been passed with regard to new buildings, with studies into the reshaping of the busy sidewalks underway.

Executive Director of the NIS Reginald Thomas, speaking at the company’s dinner and awards ceremony last Saturday, said that the NIS was in full support of making streets and sidewalk ramps accessible.

He called on the Minister of National Mobilisation, Mike Browne, and Minister of Transportation and Works, Senator Julian Francis, to work along on the project.

“I want to pledge the support of the NIS, and we really want to make sure that the sidewalks are really accessible so that people with canes and persons who are physically challenged can move throughout Kingstown with ease.”

Thomas pointed out that the streets of Kingstown are becoming more cluttered, making it difficult for the elderly to get around, especially in certain parts of the city.

“If you look with me in your mind’s eye… you go down Back Street and you take it from Singer’s Corner, and a person in a wheel chair is going down there. When you get to the former Corea’s Building, you have to lift the person down physically.”

The elderly is considered the main constituent of the NIS; it pays pensions in the excess of EC $21 million, and is the financial supporter of the two Golden Years Centres.