February 13, 2009
Ministry of Tourism hosts Human Resource Development program

The Ministry of Tourism has embarked on its Tourism Human Resource Development Program for 2009. This entails the training of persons within the sector and other areas affecting the sector in vital subjects such as Customer Service.{{more}} This year’s program has begun with training sessions in Customer Service Excellence Skills, targeting frontline personnel – namely store clerks in boutiques and other shops in and around Kingstown.

The first session was held on Monday, February 9, 2009, and featured topics such as:

Importance of Customer Service Excellence

Handling “Difficult Customers”

Basics of Effective Communication

Enjoyable Customer Service, and more…

Participants received certificates and were also rewarded with Ministry of Tourism lapel pins at the end of the workshop. The same session will be repeated on Thursday, February 12, and on February 23, and 26, 2009, for other participants.

In other developments, members of the North Windward Tourism Association – Fancy Chapter, and the Fancy Unity Farmers Cooperative are currently undergoing training in Customer Service, HIV/AIDS in the hospitality industry and food preparation and handling under the Community Tourism Development component of the Ministry of Tourism’s Training program.

Members of the Fancy community organizations who are engaged in indigenous food preparations and services to the public will have an opportunity to receive practical knowledge and skills which will enhance their ability to provide an overall exceptional service to domestic, regional and international visitors alike.

The sessions began on Saturday, February 8, 2009, and will continue tomorrow, Saturday, February 14, and also Saturday, February 21, 2009, and are being facilitated by Sharon Hadaway and Francelia Marksman of the SVG Hotel and Tourism Association.