February 13, 2009
COT Media Group Powers Into the Future

The COT Media Group completes corporate re-branding efforts and launches a new company, creating a unique industry space using marketing automation technologies Caribbean-wide. The COT Media Group’s family of companies, based in Barbados, have each earned a strong reputation as industry leaders, respectively, but now, with the addition of the fifth in the group, COT Innovations, Inc., they provide The Power of 5 (new company tagline) to clients, offering them Comprehensive communications solutions within one organization.{{more}}

“Our plan is to be the leading marketing production organization in the eastern-Caribbean, and we’re well positioned to do so now with the introduction of some new 21st century marketing tools,” said Nigel Worme, Managing Director.

“With our global economy in such a fragile state, tough decisions are going to be made within every business. We’re excited to offer a new approach to help customers optimize their resources of both manpower and budget. Precision marketing that’s streamlined, automated and allows them to get closer to their customers than ever before,” said Mr. Worme.

Founded in 1975, COT Printery has continually re-invested in new technology and remains the core of the Media Group, with clients across the Caribbean in a wide range of industries. Details about what each company offers can be found on the newly branded COT Media Group web site

Continued commitment to superior quality in both production work and long-term client relationships has taken the COT Media Group to the next level – one of continued growth, constant innovation, strength and success.