February 13, 2009
C-HLP Club celebrates 1st anniversary

by Shenica Haynes (President) 13.FEB.09

As the C-HLP Club S.V.G celebrates its first year anniversary, the journey continues with hard work and dedication.

It was inevitable that we established our local chapter of the regional programme, and it has been a success so far.{{more}} It took us a year to learn how to walk, but we enjoyed the creeping process as the communities and our peers came together to support and encourage us on the good work that we were doing through-out the country.

Through an initiative brought forward by members of the club to take the programme to the schools, a plan was immediately devised to make this dream a reality. Four schools have touched our hearts and reminded us of our purpose in our local chapter and encouraged us to continue the good work. Not only were hearts touched, but they were also happy to learn that they were not alone, and can rely on us, while enjoying fun-filled activities that bring across serious issues that affects us all as youth.

The week of activities ran as follows:

Thomas Saunders Secondary School – 2nd February, 2009.

Girls’ High School – 5th February, 2009.

Bishop’s College Kingstown – 6th February, 2009.

Church Service – 8th February, 2009.

Dr. JP Eustace Memorial Secondary School – 9th & 10th February, 2009.

Topics covered at the schools were: Self Esteem, Teenage Pregnancy, Crime and Violence, Goal Setting, Sex in the fast lane, the effects of music on youths and safe sex practices and proper condom use, just to name a few.

To highlight the week of activities, members attended a church service to give God thanks for continual growth and perseverance and also to ask Him for continual guidance because we know that we cannot do anything without Him, for He is our strength and our salvation.

“Encouraging Positive Lifestyle Changes in the Youth”. Kingstown P O, St Vincent. Email:

[email protected]