February 6, 2009
SMSS Young Leaders launch

The St. Martin’s Secondary School’s RBTT Young Leaders hosted a conference to launch its 2009 Young Leaders Project at the school’s auditorium on February 2, 2009, under the theme “The Green Revolution – Global Challenge, Regional Responsibility, National Focus.”{{more}}

The conference was aimed at creating public awareness on global environmental issues, while shedding light on environmental problems unique to the Caribbean region, and St. Vincent specifically. In addition, emphasis was placed on the need for each individual to take action and to become ‘environmental stewards’. In attendance were Young Leaders from the St. Vincent Grammar School and the Bishop’s College Kingstown, members of the public, and teachers.

Marvin Rodgers, who holds the post of Secretary of the SMSS Young Leaders, made a presentation titled ‘Earth in Peril’. The presentation outlined the major environmental issues facing the Earth, namely: Global Warming, Pollution, Loss of Species, Diversity, and Deforestation. Emphasis was placed on the need for all to act now so as to achieve a “Green Revolution.” The audience was encouraged to begin by taking small steps such as recycling, limiting the use of plastics and developing the habit of disposing of garbage in a responsible manner.

The feature speaker was Lyliesia Harry (Bsc Hons. Biochemistry, UWI). Her address was titled “Our Country, Our Planet, Our Responsibility”. This informative discourse highlighted the interdependence of all ecosystems. It stressed that changes presently observed in the environment are a direct result of anthropogenic factors. Again, the need for personal accountability was highlighted and the audience was challenged to take specific steps to preserve environmental equilibrium such as energy conservation, reforestation and community clean-ups.