February 6, 2009
‘Make sure your boss knows the value you add to the workplace’

If you are thinking about engaging your employer in a conversation about a pay hike, change your mind!{{more}}

This is the advice that Shafia London, acting Executive Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, gave to the graduating class of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)/ Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking (ECIB)/ University of the West Indies (UWI) Savings and Investment Course last weekend.

She said that as employees deal with the realities that accompany these rough financial times, including the vulnerability of their own employment, it is crucial that they remain proactive and apply simple strategies to mitigate the risk of “being the first one to be released.”

“A turbulent financial milieu is not the place to ask for a raise or promotion. It is the time to forge ahead and foster better business results and to enhance your personal development,” London told the graduates at the small graduation ceremony which was held at the Paradise Inn Beach Hotel last Saturday.

She encouraged them to avoid the pitfall of laziness and stay on their toes at their workplaces and be willing to sacrifice, as they are a part of helping their employers to stay afloat during these troubling times.

“Don’t complain if you’re asked to occasionally come in early or stay late, and take on more responsibilities in a slimmed-down workplace,” she said.

“Make sure your boss knows the additional value you add to your workplace. In tough times, it’s important that your invaluable contribution is known,” London added.

London also said that the skills the 64 students learnt in the 10-week course were “timely and pertinent”, and should aid them to effectively manage their money so that they could avoid living in debt.

The 64 graduates became part of the 242 graduates of this course in St Vincent and the Grenadines, since it began here in 2006, and part of the 1,300 graduates spread throughout the countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).

Among the areas touched in the course, the students learnt about personal financial planning and factors affecting financial decisions.

As he distributed the certificates at the graduation ceremony, Dr Adrian Fraser, the Resident Tutor of UWI Open Campus here, congratulated the graduates and reminded them that education is from “the cradle to the grave.”

He said the people must begin to prepare themselves for the rapidly transforming world, where training is important.

Dr. Fraser said that this is why in addition to all what UWI is doing, including pushing towards providing more online training opportunities, the school is partnering with institutions to provide training that is needed, as it is with this course.

He also said that he hoped this short course opened the students’ “appetite for more learning.” (KJ)