February 6, 2009
London: Don’t be too quick to lay-off your employees

As news of lay-offs at businesses around the world dominates the media, local businesses have been urged to let that be a last resort.{{more}}

“Sending home workers should be a last resort,” Shafia London, the acting Executive Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce told SEARCHLIGHT recently.

London said that the Chamber is encouraging business operators to look closely at their business operations and to streamline them, cutting cost in several areas like energy consumption and their inventory, where wastage is prominent.

She said that as technology is embraced and businesses emphasize on customer service as they make their operations more attractive in the marketplace, it will help them to weather the ominous financial storm that is threatening to wreak havoc worldwide.

Meanwhile, at an Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)/ Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking (ECIB)/ University of the West Indies (UWI) Savings and Investment Course last weekend, London also had words of advice for employees.

She told graduates that they should work hard at being part of the survival efforts of the businesses that they work for, and discouraged them from yielding to the temptation of seeking personal enhancements at these uncertain financial times.

“A turbulent financial milieu is not the place to ask for a raise or promotion. It is the time to forge ahead and foster better business results and to enhance your personal development,” London said.

She spoke out against on-the-job laziness and said that employees must be willing to sacrifice at this time for the sake of their workplace.

This attitude, she said, will endear the employee to their bosses and ensure they are last on the list of any down-sizing plans.

“Make sure your boss knows the additional value you add to your workplace. In tough times, it’s important that your invaluable contribution is known,” she said.