January 30, 2009
WIBDECO lays off three from SVG

Three local employees of the Windward Islands Banana Development and Exporting Company (WIBDECO) have been laid off, as the company responds to the challenges it faces on the international market.{{more}}

A weakening Pound Sterling and a decreasing price of banana on the market have forced the hands of WIBDECO, resulting in lay-offs in St Lucia, Dominica and St Vincent and the Grenadines, says local WIBDECO manager Vincent Sobers.

Sobers told SEARCHLIGHT that the decision concerning the layoffs was made at WIBDECO’s headquarters in St Lucia.

While he could not say how many persons were sent home from St Lucia or Dominica, Sobers said that for now he doesn’t expect more persons to be laid off here.

Sobers, however, said that it is important that banana production increases.

“One of the things that prompted the lay-off is that the volume of production is low. But we are beginning to see an increase in production and we hope that continues,” Sobers said.

WIBDECO currently employs 25 persons in St Vincent. (KJ)