January 30, 2009
NDP supporters worship at Thanksgiving Service

Last Sunday evening, the headquarters of the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) was transformed into a house of worship and praise when the party held its annual Thanksgiving Service.{{more}}

The event was introduced and called to order by Monty Maule, who also delivered the sermon. He told the audience that politics is the art of compromise, expedience and survival, especially when you are in Government. The former speaker of the House of Assembly said that when he was in that role he was accused of being anti-government many times, but he will continue to speak out against wrong as God and God alone is his master.

In his welcoming remarks, Opposition leader Arnhim Eustace told the packed hall that he and his party believe that giving thanks to God is absolutely necessary, “We don’t believe that we can do it alone. We don’t believe that having enough money to campaign can do it either. What we believe is if we truly ask for his help and guidance we will get there.”

After the service, Eustace told SEARCHLIGHT that Government’s budgetary measures don’t have any significant measure to deal with the financial crisis that is presently crippling the nation. He said that government needs to find a mechanism to ease the burden on small businesses and the poorer class. Eustace also said his party will be holding public meetings and town hall meetings, and will be visiting constituencies, along with hosting a national dominoes competition which will commence next Saturday.