January 30, 2009
Buccama official denies sand moving allegations

A senior official at the Buccama Resort project has debunked claims that his company is taking sand from a beach in the area.{{more}}

“To the best of my knowledge, taking sand from the beaches here is against the law. We would not get involved in that.”

Senior Project Manager, Gairy Bertrand, was responding to an email sent to various media houses, alleging that the contractors were removing sand from the southerly end of the beach at Buccament Bay, where the resort is being constructed.

The e-mail alleged that two to three truckloads of sand were removed some time last week, with a further amount removed as recent as Monday this week, with the sand being stored at the back of the resort.

According to the letter, a number of gaping holes have been left on the beach.

Bertrand, representing the International construction and engineering (ICE) Group, claimed that the allegations were aimed at derailing the project, which is expected to be completed late next year.

According to Bertrand, the project is greater than himself or his company; the laws and regulations of St. Vincent and the Grenadines are being observed by the parties involved.(JJ)