January 23, 2009
TUSOM new student number decreases

The world’s economic crisis has had an impact on the student enrollment of the Trinity School of Medicine (TUSOM).{{more}}

Last week Monday, January 12, ten eager medical students, including two Vincentians, took the Hippocratic Oath, and were adorned with their white coats, as the TUSOM held their second White Coat Ceremony at the Peace Memorial Hall.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT about the progress of the school since it began operation here last September, Dean Dr Edward Johnson admitted that the student enrollment was below what was expected or desired. “The economics of the times have impacted,” Dr Johnson said.

Dr Johnson said that some prospective students are having some difficulty in securing financing in the current economic climate but said that TUSOM remains “very excited.”

The Harmony Hall based school’s student population now stands at 32. Three of the first batch of 25 discontinued their studies at the institution.

Dr Johnson told SEARCHLIGHT that he is confident that the enrollment for this September will be even more than the 20 plus expected in May. “We feel very positive about it,” he said.

In an exclusive interview with SEARCHLIGHT last year, Dr Bill Clutter, the Vice President of the Miami headquartered institution, said that within three years the student body will climb to about 1000.

This was good news for the various business houses and homeowners who were left with a huge financial hole when after 29 years of operation, St George’s University pulled out of this country.

It has been estimated that some $22million per year left the local economy as a result of St George’s pull out, and all hope was placed in government’s word that a new institution will come to fill the void.

So while Dr Johnson said that the school remains very optimistic about its future, and expects the student enrollment to steadily pick up, only time will tell whether or not local businesses will be smiling all the way to be bank, and if Dr Clutter’s prediction will become a reality.