January 23, 2009
Retired Principal is new Supervisor of Elections

Sylvia Findlay, retired Principal of the Bethel/Campden Park Secondary School, has been appointed Supervisor of Elections.{{more}}

The Contract of the former Supervisor of Elections, Rodney Adams, had come to an end in 2007 and he was on a month-to-month basis after that, a release from the Ministry of Urban Development, Culture, Labour and Electoral Matters says.

Findlay has a sound background in aspects of the electoral system, having been trained to serve as Returning Officer of a Constituency and as Presiding Officer of polling stations.

She is a trained and certified Graduate Teacher of many years standing, with the required high levels of competencies in interpersonal relations and customer relations and management, the release said.

Findlay assumed duties from 16th January, 2009, at the Electoral Office.