January 23, 2009
Adelphi Secondary School gets computers

The library and staffroom at the Adelphi Secondary School are now equipped with computers, as a result of a project undertaken by the institution.{{more}}

The project, which was conceptualized two years ago, seeks to improve the learning environment of the 321 students who attend the institution.

In an interview with Searchlight last Thursday, January 15th, Principal Hugh Thomas said that over the past two years, the school conducted two main fund raising activities to make the project a reality. “We had sponsored walks around Independence and our annual barbecue in Term Two,” he said.

Thomas intimated that 95 per cent of the students enrolled at the school were “unsuccessful” at the Common Entrance Exam, so many of them are not excited to attend school. He stated that the teachers recognize that they have to “find some way of making the learning environment exciting and meaningful for the students”.

He also noted that we are living in an age of technology and if students are to effectively fit into society, they have to be exposed to information technology.

Thomas considers the project, which was undertaken at a cost of $15,000, a “New Year’s gift for the school,” and opined that “students are now enthused and enthusiastic to do their research.”

Teachers, too, are pleased with the upgraded facilities. Mathematics Teacher Ronald Clarke told Searchlight that the computers in the staffroom will “enhance our effectiveness and efficiency.”

Thomas, however, mentioned that “sometimes we don’t get the support we need, but we are willing to do it for the students.” He said there are plans to expand the Library with additional multimedia equipment.

Both facilities have four computers each. (VM)