January 16, 2009
Stop spreading these rumours!

Two local men have had enough of the rumours circulating about their HIV status and wish to publicly set the record straight. They are not HIV positive!{{more}}

Kenford Job walked into SEARCHLIGHT’S office on Thursday, January 8th, to tell his story. The 28-year-old carpenter, of Belair, says he has been the subject of much talk in his community ever since a woman he dated three years ago died.

“I been with this woman, but me and she done over three years ago and people say she died from AIDS just the other day, and now them saying I have it, too,” stated Job.

Job produced the results of an HIV test done in June last year as proof that he is HIV negative. “I just don’t like people calling up my name. I have proof to show that I am clean,” he declared.

Also fed up with the rumours about his HIV status is New Montrose resident Michael Norris. Norris, who had surgery for a spinal cord injury some eight years ago, said he took sick after his injuries and that was when the rumours started swirling about him having AIDS.

“I had started losing weight and to this day people are still saying I have HIV/AIDS, so that’s why I had to take the test to show I was negative,” Norris said on Friday, January 9, when he visited Searchlight.

His test was taken on December 2, 2008.

Even the simple commute on the buses to get home proves to be problematic for Norris. He told SEARCHLIGHT that some of the minibuses have stopped picking him up because of the all the gossip. “I have lost some friends and close people to me just because of this sick rumour. I want it to stop!” Norris declared.

Norris has issued a stern warning to persons who continue to slander his name that he will be taking legal action against them. (KW)