January 16, 2009
Police: Bones may be those of donkey or cattle

The bones found at Barrouallie, which some believe to be human remains from the January 24, 1654, Jesuit Massacre, may turn out to be a hoax.{{more}}

The bones were found while workmen were digging the foundation of a house close to the arrowroot mill ruins in the Reversion/Three Acres area.

On Wednesday afternoon, SEARCHLIGHT accompanied Rachel Moses of the St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) National Trust, Superintendent Ballantyne and Inspector Sydney “Gold Teeth” James of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Royal SVG Police Force to the scene of the excavation.

Pieces of bone and fragments were found. However, Inspector James said that it was unlikely that they were human remains as the teeth were too big. He suggested that the bones may be those of a donkey or cattle.

Two Jesuit priests, Fathers Aubergeon and Gueimu and their two young French lay-apostles were killed in 1654 by a rogue band of Caribs. This incident compelled the French Authorities to send in three Men of War ships, and for eight days, they wreaked havoc along the western coast of St Vincent, destroying village after village.