January 16, 2009
Eustace: They are not serious about unity

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has condemned persons who are working against the national unity that he and the government are trying to engender.{{more}}

As he challenged the nation to lift its game, in the midst of the challenges that 2009 will bring, Dr Gonsalves suggested that a redoubling of an effort to build a “purposeful national unity” is crucial to the nation’s survival and success.

“I am satisfied that our people as a whole are more united for uplifting common purposes than ever before. But an intolerant brand of partisan politics espoused by some, buttressed and spurred on by abusive and untruthful outpourings from some radio talk-shows, threatens to undermine national unity. Such persons must not be allowed to succeed; such intolerance must be curbed,” Dr Gonsalves said in an address from Cabinet Room last Monday, January 12.

He said that he will be trying to reach out to the parliamentary opposition “to build a viable consensus on several vital public policies, including constitutional reform.”

However, Opposition Leader Arnhim has dismissed the call for national unity as “just talk”.

Eustace said that while on one hand Dr Gonsalves is making this call, “the Prime Minister is causing the most disunity. It is clear that discrimination continues.”

“I don’t think that they are serious about national unity,” Eustace said.

As for the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) involvement in the constitutional reform process, Eustace said that the NDP’s executive was yet to decide how the party will proceed in 2009.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that a meeting was scheduled for yesterday, Thursday, January 15, after which he will be scheduling a televised message to the nation.

He said that in this message he will not only speak about the NDP’s strategy for 2009, but will address the global financial crisis and its impact on St Vincent and the Grenadines. (KJ)