January 16, 2009
Coast Guard rewards staff, presents gifts to needy

Several members of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard have been rewarded for their years of service to the organization.{{more}}

Commander Tyrone James, Sub. Lieutenant Cosmos George, Chief Petty Officers Augustine Harry and Aaron Francois received awards for their 25 years of service to the Coast Guard at a ceremony that took place at the Coast Guard Base on December 23rd, 2008.

Lieutenant Commander Brenton Cain and Chief Petty Officer Vinton John received awards for 20 years of service, while Lieutenant Deon Henry, Petty Officers Osborne Johnson, Lennox Williams, Celia Charles, Edwin Durrant and Brangurgan Glasgow, Leading Seaman David Lewis, Able-Bodied Seaman Daron Robinson and Norris Stewart, now retired, were awarded for 10 years of service to the organization.

Meanwhile, 40 needy persons from North Leeward benefitted from the generosity of the Coast Guard during the Christmas Season. Five recipients each were drawn from Spring Village, Coulls Hill, Troumaca, Rose Hall, Rose Bank, Petit Bordel, Chateaubelair, and Fitz Hughes.

Area Representative, Jerrol Thompson, delivering brief remarks at the handing over ceremony, praised the Coast Guard officers for taking time out of their busy schedule to organise the social event. He also urged the persons present to put aside their differences and let love be with them for the Christmas.

Lieutenant Commander Cain said: “Some people may see the Coast Guard as a natural enemy and many of us will understand why.”

Cain said the Coast Guard in its quest to protect the nation from the evil hands of the drug dealers and gun runners, sometimes has to arrest some of these people.

“We are here to protect the life and sanity of our nation,” said Cain, adding to the Coast Guard each life is an important.

The Coast Guard Food Basket Programme started nine years ago with persons from the Calliaqua community and surroundings as the beneficiaries. The decision was taken in 2007 to move away from Calliaqua to other communities. Since then Barrouallie, Biabou and Richland have also benefitted from the initiative. (HN)