January 9, 2009
Top-Up vendor wins $5000 from LIME

One lucky LIME eTopUp agent has started the New Year on the right foot, winning $5000 in a regional promotion that saw 11 other local vendors winning $500 each. Dawn Sandy from the Grenadine island of Canouan won the big prize from a field of a dozen weekly winners, who have now won a total of $11,000 among them during the course of this promotion.{{more}}

Hundreds of agents nationwide participated in the unique LIME campaign that saw the company giving back to its agents, who are often the most regular point of contact between LIME and its customers. During the six-week Christmas period, every time they completed a transaction of at least $20, web and handset agents were entered in a weekly draw for a cash prize of $500. Each week, two agents were awarded $500.

When contacted on her winnings, the entire island must have heard the screams from Dawn who said “God bless LIME. I am so happy that LIME remembered to reward the vendors who work so hard to push their etop up. LIME is the best but I wish I “coulda” win the million dollars though.”

“Congratulations to our big winner, Dawn Sandy, but we also want to thank to all of our vendors, agents and dealers,” said LIME Country Manager Angus Steele. “They are a vital part of the LIME family and they help us deliver on our promise of providing the best service and best deals for our customers. With their loyal support, we will continue to be the market leader and we will work tirelessly to make provide even better value for our customers. And this is just the beginning—there’s a lot more to come in 2009!”