January 9, 2009
Street smart kid wins $1,000 from Digicel


Ragguette, who is a third form student at the Kingstown Multi-Purpose Centre is the third winner in the Digicel spell FREE campaign. The lucky lad managed to gather the four letters F-R-E-E earning himself EC$1,000 and a chance to Live Free for a Year.{{more}}

But Ragguette’s story has some drama to it. According to the Redemption Sharpes resident who earns money by helping persons sell merchandise on the road, he heard about the FREE promotion from 2 Cool Chris on the

Hot 97.1 FM morning show and began looking for the cards in and around Kingstown. He explained that he would pick up cards off the ground and check them. The lucky lad hit the jackpot after he picked up a crumpled card off the floor at Pulse, a Digicel dealership located on Halifax Street.

When I picked up the card off the floor, I saw that it was an R, explained Ragguette. The letter R is the hardest letter to get.

“Someone working at the store said the card was them they own and they want it,” complained the strong willed youngster who refused to give up the card.

When asked what he is going to do with the money, he said that he is going to give most of it to his mother Judith Ragguette who accompanied him to Digicel’s Corporate Offices last Tuesday. He also wants to buy a DVD Player and get a passport, because “People who I sell with sometimes want to take me overseas.” Ragguette collected his EC$1,000 from Marketing Manager Juno DeRoche who congratulated him on his lucky win.

Digicel’s current promotions are as follows. Customers become eligible for prizes when they top up EC$25 or more, purchase a new handset or keep their post-paid account up to date. These persons are entered in the draw for the main prize as well as the consolation prizes that include, television sets, DVD players, handsets, game systems, stereos, Ipods and other items.

In addition to this, they are also entered in the main draw to win EC$5000, EC$2500 or EC$1000 monthly for a year. Also, if you purchase a scratch card and it spells the word FREE, you become an instant winner of EC$5000. The live free promotion ends on January 23 while the draw for the Live Free for a year Campaign will be done on January 26.