January 9, 2009
SCAFC hosts children’s party at Canouan


For the tenth consecutive year, the children of the Canouan Government School were treated to a Christmas party compliments the Save the Children Appeal Fund Corporation (SCAFC).{{more}}

This year, the party was held on December 26th, just two weeks after another children’s party held by the Corporation at the home of its founder Jocelyn Lewis-Shepard.

Founded in December 1999, the SCAFC was set up to address the immediate needs of the Canouan community, specifically those of the children and elderly.

Since its inception, this non-profit registered foundation has staged numerous annual fundraising efforts in Canouan to raise awareness of meeting the needs of children, particularly with respect to education, and extenuating medical circumstances of the needy.

In 1961, SCAFC’s founder Jocelyn Lewis left the island of Canouan and the country of her birth for Great Britain. After thirty five years she returned to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, having faithfully served her community, the greater London area, as a District Nurse.

On arrival in Canouan in 1996, Jocelyn noted the changes that had occurred in Canouan during her absence, and identifying the more immediate issues, she became determined to contribute in a real and meaningful, ongoing manner. To this end, Save the Children Appeal Fund Corporation was established.

Save the Children Appeal Fund Corporation has spearheaded initiatives to support annual events and programmes which include summer and late season children’s camps focused on arts & crafts fairs and book fairs.

To date, approximately 220 children have benefited in one form or another on a yearly basis. Sponsored and supported by independent contributions and fundraising efforts, the recent holiday season was the focus of much of the fundraising. While much has been done, Shepard recognizes that so much more remains to be accomplished.

With the help of fundraising events, donor contributions and the excellent support of a reliable volunteer crew, Shepard is looking forward to a fruitful, productive and beneficial year for all.