January 9, 2009
Chateaubelair woman survives serious accident

A young Chateaubelair mother is considering herself blessed to be alive after being involved in an accident on Sunday.{{more}}

Iva Porter, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from her bedside at the female surgical ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), said that she is contemplating her life and counting her blessings, as her condition could have been worse. Porter said that she was walking to Fitzhughes with two friends to attend a funeral at around 3:00 pm and after they passed Blue Waters Club on the Chateaubelair waterfront, she heard her friend Jean say “Look out, Iva,” then she felt something slam into her and then there were people standing over her and some were crying and screaming.

Eye witnesses said that the impact threw Porter into the air then she landed on the windscreen of the vehicle and fell on the ground. She was taken to the Chateaubelair Hospital, then later transferred to the MCMH in Kingstown. Porter suffered two fractures in her right leg and a sprained left ankle. She also complains of severe back pains. “I just want to get through this and get back to my two daughters, Sarina and Olivia,” she said.

The car that struck Porter was driven by Rohan Thomas, a Vincentian who serves in the British military service; he is currently home on vacation. The police were called onto the scene. However, up to press time, no charges were filed.