January 9, 2009
Browne’s rewards lucky shoppers

The final two winners in the Browne’s Hardware Christmas gift basket promotion are now known.

Christopher Ross, of Glen, was the lucky winner of the gift basket giveaway for the third week. Ross expressed much gratitude on receiving his gift basket, especially since Christmas was quite close. “Thank you so much” were the words he repeated over and over.{{more}}

Allison Nedd, of South Rivers, was the fourth and final person to win a gift basket during the ‘Christmas Awards’ campaign at Browne’s Hardware. Like all the winners before, Nedd was excited and joyful to receive a basket of treats.

Marketing Representative Merlicia Browne declared that it was quite a pleasure to give away the four baskets during the Christmas promotion. “It was moving to see the happiness on the faces of each winner. I’m sure that the homes that these baskets went to were quite happy, and that makes us happy as well,” she stated.

Browne’s Hardware hopes to continue to put on similar campaigns in the future.