January 2, 2009
Woman claims she is a victim of abuse

A Level Gardens woman is appealing to all women in abusive relationships to speak out, as well as get out.{{more}}

On Tuesday, December 23, 2008, Clydel Williams told SEARCHLIGHT of the abuse she has been suffering during the past year and two months. She believes the pain she endured is partly due to her keeping the situation quiet.

Williams claimed that in October 2007 she was beaten by someone close to her. She said during that incident she sustained broken bones to the right section of her face.

“I went to the hairdresser and I didn’t cook and when I came back he started to quarrel with me and said I went away and when he came home there was no food. That is when he lashed me.”

According to Williams, this injury has left her with severe pains, headaches, and depression.

“I have been getting epilepsy since I got the lash to my head,” said Williams.

She added, the abusive situation continued until three weeks ago when she grew the strength to move from the home. This she said included deaths threats and promises to drive her insane.

Earlier this year, Williams travelled to Grenada to conduct a C.T Scan on her skull and facial bones which confirmed that she has broken bones to her face that requires surgery.

The grieving woman said that she does not have the money to pay for her mounting medical expenses and believes that the accused should be made to help foot the bill.

“I would like somebody in authority to know what is going on because I don’t want anybody for me getting into trouble,” said Williams.

As for her purpose for coming to the media at this stage, Williams said: “I chose to come to the media because I am having difficulties financially. It’s unfair to me to find money what I don’t have because I am not working.” (HN)