January 2, 2009
Lowmans Hill man found dead by boy

A mother who lost her son earlier this week to an alcohol related illness is calling on people to practice restraint with alcoholic usage.{{more}}

The body of Desmond Holder, 38, was discovered by a little boy in a yard at Lowmans Hill last Monday, December 29.

“He drank too much and the doctor said he used to get rum-tease. He used to just fall down and take in,” said Agnes Holder, as she reflected on the demise of her son, the second of her six children.

She said that since he was very young, he picked up the drinking habit and never looked back.

Holder told SEARCHLIGHT that she always used to speak to her son about his heavy drinking and other family members did the same, but to no avail.

“What I go do now? I can’t do anything. When you talk to them they don’t want to hear,” she said.

“I always used to be talking, always trying to get him to ease off the drinking,” she stressed.

Holder said that she is hoping for the New Year that people who are heavy drinkers will reconsider things and see the health related dangers that can accompany the abuse of alcohol.

Holder last saw her son the morning of Saturday, December 27, when he came home to bathe and get something to eat. (KJ)