July 18, 2008
Media Survey: Ezee Radio – SVG’S No.1 Easy listening station!

It’s only been just over a year and one of SVG’s newest radio stations is in the Top 5 of SVG’s favourite radio stations.{{more}}

According to a recent Media Survey, Ezee Radio, part of the SVG Braodcasting Corporation, was voted in the top 5 – is Number 1 against all of its direct competitors and listened to more by individuals in the 20-44 age group. In the competitive morning environment, it managed to be in the Top 2 against radio stations with similar programming formats. Head of Programming Maxian Harry stated that this is not surprising since Ezee Radio starts the day with a spiritual connection through the Gospel Hour which also includes Ezee Guidance – a segment designed to give an inspirational start to the day and this is further enhanced by the ‘Featured Artiste’ segment.

About 11% of the market is controlled by the ‘Sheer Serenity’ segment’ from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m, hosted by Ms SVG 2004, Javorne Williams, whose musical taste helps create the right mood for an Ezee Lunch which is unique to Ezee Radio. Javorne beats off all of Ezee radio’s direct competitors and even two other stations which offer totally different musical and programming formats.

Shanel Greene is in from 4 p.m. and rounds it all off with her ‘Ezee Evenings’ selections, making sure that each evening is relaxing and rejuvenating, therefore it is not surprising that between 4 and 7 p.m. and between 10 p.m. and midnight. Ezee Radio is in the Top 3 nationwide out of the 10 radio stations in SVG.

When asked about what the implications are for advertisers, Head of Sales and Marketing, Candice Sealey, stated that even though listenership doesn’t guarantee advertisers, it makes it more attractive. She added that the ‘more music less talk approach’ has made it a great success. During a broadcast day and evening, advertisers’ products and services will be exposed to at least 22% of the market and unique segments such as Eastern Caribbean Security Exchange Report (Business/financial round up of shares etc.), Ezee Lunch (11-2), Retro Wednesdays, A Touch of Jazz, Featured Artistes, Ezee Guidance and News and sports are available for sponsorship while businesses are able to place ad hoc ads. She further reiterated that business houses such as Digicel, Y de Lima, Ministry of Culture, Fruta, NCB along with salons and auto rental businesses among others have been among the first to advertise with Ezee Radio.