June 27, 2008
ECIB & FS hosts School Leavers training programme

School leavers will once again have the opportunity to be pointed in the right direction, when the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Banking & Financial Services (ECIB & FS), the National Insurance Services (NIS) and the Rotary Club of SVG host their 3rd Annual Young Employee Socialisation Training Programme, from August 11th – 18th, 2008, at the SVG Community College.{{more}}

With a daily start of 8:30 am, this six-day training programme will cover the relevant issues involved in choosing and pursuing a career; whether in the Banking/Financial Services sector or otherwise.

Some topics to be covered will include: The Banking & Financial Services Sector Environment, Goal Setting & Action Planning, Management Philosophy, Values & Benefits, The Role of the Stock Exchange in the OECS, Personal Development, Personal Financial Management and The Pros & Cons of Insurances. There will also be a panel discussion on Career Pathing for College graduates.

There will be a $50 registration fee and registration forms can be obtained from Local Co-ordinator Cheryl Rodriguez, at the National Commercial Bank or from the SVG Community College, at Villa.

For further enquiries Rodriguez can be contacted at 457-1844 or 452-4320. (JSV)