June 20, 2008
Persistence pays off for ‘Super 6’ winner

Most lottery winners can hardly contain their excitement upon receiving their windfall – perhaps already mentally spending the prize money. However, June 3rd Super Six winner Annetta Bailey was the epitome of calm as she patiently awaited the handover of her $260,000 cheque at the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) headquarters on Wednesday, June 11th. {{more}}

A woman of few words, the Georgetown resident related, in a most nonchalant manner, that she couldn’t recall how many years she had been playing Super Six. She further admitted that she never plays any specific or regular numbers – she always takes a ‘quick pick’ (randomly computer generated numbers). Bailey said that she purchased her ticket at one of the shops within the ET Joshua Airport. The moment she realized that she had won $260,000 ($234,000 after a 10% government deduction), Bailey described herself as feeling “real happy!” Surprisingly, the mother of five has not yet decided how the money will be spent. “Right now, I don’t have any immediate plans… until I sort myself out.”

Started in December 2004, the Super Six lottery game is played in all four Windward Islands and supervised by governing body WINLOT. This is the second time, since its inception, that a Vincentian has scooped the top prize: the first time being in September 2005 when Andrea King won a whopping $374,000. The National Lottery game was started on June 18th, 1984 and will soon be celebrating its 24th anniversary.

Also present were McGregor Sealy, General Manager of the NLA, Product Development Officer Anthony Dennie and Miss SVG 2008 contestant Latoya Lewis – Miss Super Six.