June 13, 2008
Gospel – In the ‘heat’ of Carnival

by Leslie-Anna Joseph 13.JUNE.08

Like a powerful army they marched to the stage side in orange and black colours. The perfect blend of soprano, alto, tenor and bass was as smooth as still waters, unbelievable, soul captivating and so ably grasping their targets’ attention, as heads swayed from left to right, forward and backward repeatedly, feet stomping, body rocking and a jigging between breaks.{{more}}

Consisting of a membership of just about 100, the SVG Mass Choir took the long journey up Windward last Sunday evening to the New Life Ministries Church, North Union, for a free live concert.

Performing approximately 14 great songs, which included “Stand still and know that He is God”; “He’ll pick you up”; “The Lord is my Shepherd” and “No Vacancy”, which did indeed ignite a completely new atmosphere of joy and praise as was conveyed by the audience’s response with shouts of hallelujah, during and at the end of each song performed.

The audience was not only blessed with the performance of songs, but also a time of fellowship.

Director of the SVG Mass Choir, Alfonzo ‘Sleepy’ Richards, told SEARCHLIGHT he found it appropriate to have the concert at this time as Carnival is in ‘full swing’. This should remind young people in particular that they can have fun, “clean fun”, and not have to face in the morning any negative hangover or feelings of remorse or guilt, but would enjoy the benefit of peace of mind from being at the right place at the right time, and the contentment of the joy which remains within to the next day and beyond.

Richards encouraged Christians to live a victorious life, to be strong. “Some of us are too weak,” he said. “Quit whimpering (not a very good representation of who we believe in), but instead pray and see God make a way”.

The SVG Mass Choir is an interdenominational group with a mission to carry the word of God through ministry in songs.