June 6, 2008
SVGS savouring victory during 100th birthday

“We dream. We hope. We rise.” This is the theme by which the staff and students (past and present) of the St. Vincent Grammar School (SVGS) are celebrating the100th year of the school’s existence. Moreover, the members of the SVGS Young Leaders group have certainly risen to the occasion by swooping to victory in this year’s RBTT Young Leaders competition.{{more}}

The Young Leaders related that their victory was made all the more satisfying because of the 100th anniversary. They see themselves as representing the school at a critical point in its history and that has inevitably catapulted their triumph into something a lot more memorable. One student remarked that the SVGS has always been synonymous with academic excellence and it makes him proud to do his part in adding to this reputation.

SVGS Headmaster Frank Jones said that there was no doubt in his mind that his students would cop the top prize. “I am elated. I am not at all surprised because I had witnessed the hard work they put into it.” He also praised Young Leader mentor Randy Boucher for competently guiding the boys. Jones further added that the Young Leaders’ win puts the 100th anniversary celebration into context because it is in keeping with what SVGS stands for – excellence. “… It just really falls in the context of what the school is trying to do.”

The aim of the competition is to raise students’ awareness of local issues and to equip them with skills necessary for later life. The SVGS Young Leaders’ project identified various gaps in society and addressed how they could make a contribution to lessening them. As part of their contribution to the 100th anniversary celebrations, the Young Leaders will be using part of their project to implement a mentorship programme, under the guidance of the School Counsellor, whereby 100 past students will be mentoring 100 new students in the upcoming academic year.

SVGS will be hosting a series of events later this year in keeping with their celebratory theme. A committee, lead by formerHeadmaster Margaret Leacock, is organizing a Cocktail hosted by the Governor General on June 28th; the Graduation Ceremony on July 2nd; a family day boat ride to Bequia on August 1st; Career showcase on September 17th, Open Day (9am – 3pm) on September 19th; Tree planting ceremony & Centenary Thanksgiving service on September 21st, SVGS in Concert on October 26th and a Grand Finale on December 20th, which will culminate the celebrations.

Jones is appealing to the public to show their support either by purchasing memorabilia, taking part in the events or by placing congratulatory adverts in the official SVGS 100th Anniversary magazine being published by Searchlight. Jones is also asking past students to give something back to their alma matter, whether it be in the form of books, computers, software or monetary donations.(JSV)