May 23, 2008
C&W celebrates World Telecommunications Day


Local telecommunications provider Cable & Wireless

celebrated World Telecommunications and Information Society Day by making donations to a number of institutions in and around St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

World Telecommunications and Information Society Day was celebrated on May 17th worldwide this year under the theme “Connecting Persons with Disabilities: ICT Opportunities For All”, For this event, Cable & Wireless was involved in a radio program on WE FM, which included Angus Steele, Chief Executive, Cable and Wireless, Jerrol Thompson, Minister of Telecommunications, and Apollo Knights, Secretary of the NTRC.

On Friday of last week, the company donated CW Broadband service, as well as toiletries, to the Helping Hands Centre and teamed up with Courts (SVG) Ltd., whose Marketing Manager Elwyn Philips was on hand to donate a refrigerator.

Representative of the Centre, Junior Bacchus, expressed his gratitude to the companies for their assistance and assured both managers that the donations would go a long way to improve Helping Hands for all the children who are there.

On Monday of this week, the company continued in its spirit of giving and donated a desktop computer and one year of CW Broadband service to the School for Children with Special Needs.

Chief Executive Angus Steele was on hand at the events, and on Monday made the following comments: “Cable & Wireless is committed to community development and this year’s Telecoms Day theme was a great one and we made sure that we were able to spread the gift of telecoms to as many persons who are in need as we possibly could. We are also in the midst of our Customer Experience Enhancement project which also involves the improving of our presence within the various communities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Headteacher of the School for Children with Special Needs, Fred Stay, was very gracious in accepting the donations

and promised to use the services to enhance the administration of the school. “It is good when companies like Cable & Wireless can come to the aid of our organization. It is very clear to me that Cable & Wireless continues to be generous to all facets of society and the School for Children with Special Needs is very happy about this donation”.