May 16, 2008
Digicel opens on Canouan


Digicel, the fast growing mobile telecommunications provider in the Caribbean, welcomes Canouan Store Dealer Gifford Sandy to the Digicel team.{{more}}

Sandy is the front person to serve the customers on the Grenadine Isle and he said that he is ready to serve.

He explained, “With the store opening, this is a good day for residents. Instead of taking a boat or a flight to mainland St Vincent to get service from Digicel, residents can now walk into our store at Happy Hill and get the service they need.”

The new Canouan Store Dealer also pointed out that with increasing costs and inflation, Digicel was a company that understood the importance of affordability.

Sandy revealed the store would open on Mondays -Fridays from 7:30 – 9:30 am and re-open in the afternoon from 1 – 6pm, while on Saturdays the Canouan Digicel store would be opened from 8am-12pm.

Country Manager Sonia Polius who signed Sandy to the Digicel team said the Bigger Better Network was delighted to be on the Grenadine Island of Canouan.

Polius noted that the store’s opening was an indication that Digicel was not only listening but also responding to the needs of the people and she assured all that they could expect the best from Digicel.