Police Officers celebrate 20 years of service
January 25, 2008
Police Officers celebrate 20 years of service

On January 17 twenty years ago, 30 young recruits boarded Coast Guard Vessel George Mc Intosh bound for Barbados to start training at the Regional Police Training Centre (RPTC) to become Police Officers.{{more}}

At the time, Assistant Commissioner of Police Ronald Christopher was the Vincentian instructor at the RPTC. He was a sergeant.

Of the 26 men and four women in the Vincentian contingent, two young men had to leave the course because of illness. The others completed the course and returned home in June as full fledged police officers.

The young officers were deployed to various departments of the police force. Police Constable PC 396 Terrance John has since died, while others have moved on to other professions or migrated. Ten officers from Course 87 still remain in the Police Force, and range from Corporal to Station Sergeant in rank.

To mark 20 years of service to the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, the officers went to the New Montrose Hotel Restaurant on Wednesday, January 16, for dinner to celebrate and reminisce.

The officers presently remaining in the force are Corporals 145 David Chandler, 61 Roland Conner, 424 Clinton Matthews, 309 Ophelia Foyle, 359 Colin John, currently studying Law in England, Sergeants 491 Sidney Morgan, 216 Kim Dougan, 312 Reynold Gabriel, 474 Eileen Maloney and Station Sergeant Carmel Craig. Also present at the dinner was SEARCHLIGHT reporter Adrian “Tari” Codogan who was PC 160 in Course 87 of 1988.(AC)