January 25, 2008
Calder Government School celebrates 50th anniversary

The Calder community officially welcomed the construction of the Calder Government school fifty years ago to provide primary education for its members.{{more}}

The building was constructed in 1957 but the institution opened its doors for educational purposes in January 1958. The school’s administrator then was Mr. Wilfred (Marsie) Alexander (deceased) of Stubbs. The institution was managed later by some nine administrators to date.

Students who attended this institution can be identified with great accomplishments, much to the credit of teachers, community and other individuals in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in nurturing the scholars of this organization.

The goals set by administrators then were vital importance for successes acquired in this our twenty-first century.

During the fifty years, we have had outstanding individuals from this institution reaching their pinnacle of success, acquiring much in fortune and fame, and influencing humanity for the better.

Goals set by our predecessors have paved the way fifty years later for us to enjoy many privileges. We absolutely guarantee that the legacy will continue for the future. The motto truly reflects the professionalism, motivation and passion for training and teaching at this school, as is stated in the motto “Aspire Yet Higher”.

The fiftieth anniversary celebration will begin with a church service on January 27th, 2008 at the Calder Government School commencing at 3:p.m. The Theme: “Rejoice and give thanks.”

Past students, administrator’s well-wishers and community members are welcome to share in this momentous occasion.

To all past and present students, teachers and administrators who work tirelessly to this institution, congratulations on the achievement of this golden year, fiftieth anniversary.