December 21, 2007
‘Were Mama’s Tears In Vain’ hits bookstores

“Were Mama’s Tears In Vain”.

This is the latest publication to hit the bookshops

in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. It was written by Vincentian born Dr.Richard Byron-Cox.{{more}}

Held under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency the Governor General Sir Frederick and Sally Ann Lady Ballantyne, the book was officially launched on Tuesday, December 18, 2007, under the theme “A Toast To Freedom”.

It was an evening of glowing remarks, mixed emotions and a few tear drops at the Peace Memorial Hall, where the event was held.

In his toast, Sir Frederick stated he was very honoured to be a part of the book launch.

“I think for anyone to write a book is a major accomplishment,” said Sir Frederick.

“I would think that with such an expansive launch that this might also help to serve as the impetus for us to start what may be a literary society or some literary club which would help to facilitate other authors and would also help to encourage students in schools to read more and write more,” said Sir Frederick.

The Governor General used the opportunity to encourage persons to purchase the book, claiming that it did not make sense that everyone made colourful remarks about Dr.Byron Cox and did not buy the book in the end.

While endorsing the book, Ken Boyea, Master of Ceremony, said he believed it would be important for our Education Revolution, as well as our cultural development.

“One of the other beefs that I have in life is that culture seems to be locked up in the Peace Memorial Hall and its only brought out on special occasions. Our culture doesn’t show truth of everyday life,” said Boyea, adding that after Carnival, the Mas players take their costumes off, and culture goes in a stalemate.

Boyea said he is optimistic that the book will sell more than one million copies.

During the feature presentation, His Excellency, Oscar Oramas Oliva, said the book is a great contribution not only for St.Vincent and the Grenadines but for the Caribbean people.

“How many young people during my time will make a great contribution,” Oliva asked the audience.

Warm sentiments were also delivered by Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace and Queen’s Counsel Parnel Campbell. Eustace congratulated Dr.Byron Cox by telling him that Vincentians were proud of his contribution. According to Eustace, for a man with such a busy and demanding schedule as Dr.Byron Cox it must have taken extraordinary discipline and commitment to write a book of its nature at this time.

Campbell said he was proud of Dr.Byron Cox, who he described as “a distinguished son of the soil”. On a jovial note the former Attorney General mentioned the several occasions that

he had embarrassed Dr. Byron Cox in the past and went on to promise there’s “no doubt [I] will continue to do so”.

“I have yet to meet a Vincentian as distinguished and at the same time as humble as Richard Byron Cox,” said Campbell who disclosed that he first met Dr.Byron Cox in the late 1980s, while he was the Area Representative of East Kingstown. Campbell said at the time he was astounded by Dr.Byron Cox’s political analysis of that era.

“I have come to know and to believe that this is a man specially anointed by God to perform a very important role for his people in the Caribbean and the Third World,” said Campbell, explaining that he is optimistic that Dr.Byron Cox will go on to write many other books.

“My young brother, you have been singled out by the Almighty and blessed with peculiar talents, the fruition which has already begun,” said Campbell, who added that he is sure that Vincentians will become as proud as St.Lucians who hold their Nobel Laureate in high esteem.

During the ceremony, President Fidel Castro was honoured along with Renrick Rose, Earlene Horne and Oscar Allen. (HN)