December 21, 2007
Nine Mornings Festival off to great start

The will and passion of the members of the Nine Mornings’ committee has paid off.

In addressing a bumper crowd gathered in town for the first morning of this year’s Nine Mornings celebration last Saturday 15th, Treasurer of the Nine Mornings committee Lennox Bowman said that it took will and passion to get the celebration going.{{more}}

“We have been blessed with tremendous support,” he said.

While he was obviously referring to the governmental and corporate sponsorships that the committee has received, no doubt, the growing fascination, and participation by people, local, and visitors, was also reflected in that sentiment.

Father Jim of the Cathedral of the Assumption blessed the celebrations, telling the attentive audience that God’s grace isn’t just for heaven.

He said that the heavenly grace is also for earth; to make us better people, “who more actually reflect God himself.”

Father Jim said that this reflection of God in us must be seen in every aspect of our human civilization, including culturally and socially.

Among the performers on the first morning were Sulle, who performed his new nine mornings song, the La Gracia Dancers, New Life Ambassadors’ band and the Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra. (KJ)