December 14, 2007
Sore throat delays 2008 Budget

Vincentians had to wait an extra day to find out what Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves had in his 2008 budget, after a sore throat caused him to postpone the delivery last Monday.{{more}}

A barely audible PM Gonsalves on Monday told the members of the house, a packed public gallery and a live television audience that he was advised by his doctors to rest his voice for another day to allow him to sufficiently recover from a sore throat that he has as a result of a cold.

Following the pomp and pageantry of the Throne Speech, which was delivered by Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, the expectant House had settled in for what was expected to be at least a four-hour presentation from the Prime Minister, then came the anticlimax.

While it was seemingly taken in good stride, at press time on Wednesday, Speaker of the House Hendrick Alexander was heard pleading for a smoothly run debate, so that the proceedings could be wrapped up by today Friday, December 14th, despite the one day delay.

Judging from the cross talk, and sometimes heated exchanges that took place in the early stages of Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace’s presentation, the smooth flow may be a wish that not even jolly old Santa Claus may be able to grant the Speaker. (KJ)