PM going ‘face to face’ with public
December 14, 2007
PM going ‘face to face’ with public

A new programme dubbed “Face To Face With Ralph” will soon be launched by the government.

This was disclosed by Political Leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP), Dr.Ralph Gonsalves, at the Party’s 14th Annual Convention, held at the St.Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua on Sunday, December 9, 2007.{{more}}

This programme, Dr Gonsalves said, will give ordinary citizens an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister as he travels throughout the island hearing their concerns.

In May 2005, Dr.Gonsalves carried out a similar programme where he and members of his Cabinet traveled for weeks visiting persons in all 15 constituencies.

This year’s convention was held under the theme: “Holding Strong Keeping The Focus Alive.”

While delivering the feature address, the ULP political leader at times seemed enchanted by Bob Marley’s lyrics, especially those from the songs ‘Natural Mystic’ and ‘Redemption Song’, during the playing of which Dr. Gonsalves danced and sang: “Old pirates, yes, they rob I’ and ‘How long shall they kill our prophets, While we stand aside and look?”

Although the country is not in an election season, it seems that Dr.Gonsalves was still rallying his ULP troops to battle. “This country will never go back to the bandits. It must start with you and me, individually, collectively. Don’t stand aside, be involved. It’s your country. It’s your party. It’s your government,” he chanted.

During his presentation, which spanned close to three hours, Dr.Gonsalves touched on a wide range of issues. He spoke mainly about the party’s ‘Education Revolution’; ‘The Health and Wellness Programme; ‘Vision Now’; the transformation of St.Vincent and the Grenadines into a modern economy with plans to construct an international airport at Argyle, the construction of new schools, learning resource centres and hotels; public assistance for the poor; and regional integration. He also discussed incentives that his

government gave to public servants.

Dr.Gonsalves used the opportunity to send political jabs at Political Leader of the Opposition New Democratic Party, Arnhim Eustace, and Opposition Senator, Daniel Cummings.

Regarding the ‘Education Revolution’ Dr.Gonsalves pinpointed this as the foundation of the rest of the ULP policies.

Distinct at this year’s convention were the lack of guests and guest speakers from affiliate political parties in the region.

Meanwhile, Deputy Political Leader of the ULP, Sir Louis Straker, was in an upbeat mood as he celebrated the party’s second anniversary in its second term in office. The event

also marked seven years since the ULP has been holding the reins of power, following seven years in Opposition.

In his usual jovial mood, Sir Louis danced and sang. He praised the stalwarts in the party – both people at the grassroots level and major political financiers such as former Attorney General and parliamentarian Arthur Williams. Burns Bonadie and C.I. Martin also came in for high praise from the Deputy Political Leader.

Straker told supporters: “Your service over the years has brought us from seven years in opposition and seven years of national convention in opposition to seven years in government, and this country deserves and has been getting the best government in the history of this country for the past seven years.”