Minister: Tourism is everybody’s business
December 14, 2007
Minister: Tourism is everybody’s business

The responsibility to ensure that Tourism is of the best quality does not rest solely on the shoulders of the Ministry of Tourism.{{more}}

This is according to Minister of Tourism, Youth and Sport Glen Beache.

Beache was speaking to the media at a press luncheon on Monday at the launching of the National Tourism Project, which will see the improvement of 19 tourism sites around St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Minister said that citizens have a vital part to play in tourism development, which is still at an early stage.

“The Ministry has done a considerable amount, but there is always room for improvement. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is still a virgin in the industry; there are still things to be done.”

Beache made mention of incidents where the public criticize and expect the ministry to take responsibility.

He called on the critics to do research, and for the public to play their part in not only hospitality towards visitors but also the upkeep of Kingstown and the surroundings.

He made mention of Heritage Square, the hub of entertainment in the capital and the untidy state that it is usually left in after events.

“We have to take pride not only for our visitors but also for ourselves.”

With regard to the tourism development project, Beache indicated that the upgrade of the sites is for locals as well as tourists, and implored nationals to make the most of them and protect them.

Beache said that the Ministry expects an increase in the number of visitors to our shores in 2008 and beyond, mainly from the United Kingdom and Europe.

He described the local tourism as a growing state which can only get better.

“There is a lot to be understood; there are things still to be done. We in the ministry still have our limitations, but my vision is to be progressive.” (JJ)