December 14, 2007
Digicel teams up with singer to help needy this Christmas


Digicel has joined well-known gospel singer Bridget Blutcher and her Bridget Blutcher Song Ministries, BBS, in her motorcade to give back to the needy this Christmas.{{more}}

Blutcher, who is a Vincentian born, Miami based gospel singer, returned home for the holidays distributing food items and toys in a motorcade throughout the Windward area, and was given additional support in the form of food items from Digicel.

“It’s phenomenal the way that Digicel has stepped up to help the underprivileged at such short notice,” she gladly said. “Digicel is being a blessing and they will be blessed.”

Blutcher also stressed that it was crucial to “give back” whenever one gets promoted, and called on those who have “made it” to never forget their roots.

The songstress who has released her latest album entitled “Christmas Joy” has also performed free concerts for her Vincentian natives, and also thanked Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket, Randy’s Supermarket and Keith Boyea for their assistance.

Although Blutcher admitted she concentrated on the Windward areas, where she grew up, she promised that the people of the Grenadines and Leeward vicinity will also be blessed through her BBS ministries.

After St Vincent and the Grenadines, Blutcher will be heading to Montreal, Canada. Her tour will climax in Jamaica.