December 7, 2007
Cool Riderz donates refrigerator to Vermont Health Centre

In the spirit of community participation, the members of the Cool Riderz Motorcycle Club donated one table top refrigerator to the Vermont Health Centre on Saturday, December 1, 2007.{{more}}

This was the last of three to be handed over to the Health Centres on mainland St. Vincent. Two were previously delivered to the Enhams and Spring Village Health Centres. The items were donated to the club by Ruby Wood of Square Deal Shippers in the U.S.A. Staff Nurse Phyliss Da Silva was present at the Vermont Health Centre to accept the gift.

The Club Members used the opportunity to conduct the monthly community health service. Counseling and advice were given to residents on varying health issues. Blood glucose and blood pressure assessments were done. Of those residents who participated in the health programme, six were referred to the District Nurse for follow up care.

The general public is constantly bombarded with information on the importance of maintaining good health. Special emphasis is placed on the prevention and the management of health conditions. The evidence, however, suggests that scant regard is paid to maintaining good health. Persons with chronic non-communicable conditions (diabetes and hypertension) continue to be non-compliant with medication. This is not because of unavailability, since they admit that the drugs are at home but because of apparent complacency on their part.

The Cool Riderz Motorcycle Club entreats persons to act responsibly and to take charge of their own health. Self care is the best defense against illnesses and their complications.