December 7, 2007
$80,000 for Nine Mornings Festival

More people are visiting these shores to be a part of Nine Mornings, than they are for Carnival.

So said Chairman of the National Nine Mornings Committee Michael Peters, as he and Treasurer of the Committee Lennox Bowman received a cheque valued EC $80,000 for the funding of this years activities.{{more}}

According to Peters, the festival has developed into an event that has tremendous regional and international appeal. “As a matter of fact, in terms of our tourism arrivals, the month of December driven by the Christmas and Nine Mornings festival is now the major arrivals month, outstripping Carnival by over a thousand visitors.”

Peters said that the fact that the figures go past the major cultural festival (carnival) in such a significant way says a lot for Nine Mornings.

Peters said that the majority of the visitors consist of second and third generation Vincentians living overseas who have never experienced the Nine Mornings but were told of it by older persons.

He said that these Vincentians usually bring a friend or friends with them when they return.

Caribbean visitors are also coming in large numbers from Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, with some coming as performers in the festivities.

Peters also mentioned that persons have come from as far as the Middle East, Europe and South Africa mainly for the Nine Mornings.

Last year, television crews from the Travel Channel and BBC traveled here to document the events.

The chairman noted that other countries are making attempts to copy the tradition, but nothing can be better than the original.

“They would always try because of the tremendous tourism appeal, but we are still in the advantageous position of being the one and only of its kind”.

Handing over the cheque, Product Development Manager of the National Lotteries Authory Anthony Dennie congratulated the committee for their work in sensitizing not only the nation but the region and Diaspora about the festival, and urged people to continue supporting the National Lotteries Authority, so that they in turn can contribute to sports and

culture. (JJ)