bMobile BlackBerry Lite – low priced plan, same great service!
November 30, 2007
bMobile BlackBerry Lite – low priced plan, same great service!

bmobile has announced the introduction of a new, low priced post paid plan – “bmobile Black Berry Lite.” The new plan comprises a flat monthly service charge with an inclusive 1MG data allowance. The recurring monthly fee of $44.85 (VAT inclusive) represents a fraction of typical unlimited postpaid plans which costs $97.75 (VAT inclusive) monthly on average.{{more}} A first for bmobile Black Berry Lite is the pay-per-use element which kicks in after the 1MG data allowance has been exhausted. Each additional MB of data consumed through email and/or browsing will cost $17.25 (VAT inclusive).

“bmobile’s introduction of Black Berry Lite is a significant step in making Black Berry service even more accessible to hundreds of individual customers,” said Fitz Huggins, VP Marketing, Mobile and Broadband. “Our new, post paid plan is a great new service for customers who have always wanted Black Berry services but found the monthly fee prohibitive. This new inexpensive plan will support multiple existing email accounts without the need to deploy server software; typically used by companies for corporate email, making it ideal for professional consumers and smaller firms,” added Huggins.

In closing remarks, he stated, “We believe the “Lite” version of the bmobile BlackBerry consumer offering is a compelling proposition for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines market. The combination post paid and

pay-per-use service will be extremely popular, as it enables us to offer the enhanced functionality and connectivity of BlackBerry, while at the same time putting the customer in control of their data browsing costs.

Our BlackBerry service and handhelds have changed the way our customers do business, primarily due to unprecedented real-time remote access to emails, company and customer information and the World Wide Web.”

“We encourage you to visit one of our retail stores today or contact your account manager to find out which Black Berry suits your needs best. We are confident there is one for you!”

The new BlackBerry Lite Plan is available at all Cable & Wireless bmobile outlets islandwide. (Also see Page 1A)