November 23, 2007
New company offers ‘cash and carry’

Boasting to be a 100 per cent local enterprise, the second of two institutions dedicated to issuing quick loans to customers, opened its doors this week to what its management has called encouraging response.{{more}}

According to CEO Vidal Browne, QuickCash has been established to lower the hitches and hurdles of traditional money borrowing.

Browne noted that over the years, the regular lending houses have made it difficult to access small amounts of money in a short time, and that most banks were not interested in giving small loans.

He said his company will now offer loans to employees of recognized companies up to EC$3000 at 2.5% per month.

The experienced businessman believes that the advent of QuickCash is well timed with the impending Christmas season, and said that the initiative is expected to boost consumer confidence and spending.

He said customers will be pleased with the speed of application and approval, which takes a matter of minutes.

QuickCash is located upstairs Pharmore Royale on Grenville Street, and is managed by former banker Joan Anderson, with a staff of two.