November 16, 2007
Many rejoice after taking Rapid HIV test

Some were jubilant and couldn’t contain their joy while others were just relieved to receive a favourable result after taking the Rapid HIV tests.{{more}}

Eighteen-year-old Diana Grant told SEARCHLIGHT that she took the test to make sure that she was HIV negative, “People have been accusing me of having AIDS,” she said.

Diana, who admits that she is sexually active, said that now that she knows her status, it has raised her self-esteem.

Nathaniel Dorsett is an 80-year-old retired driver. He fathered 14 children, and although he is not presently sexually active, he said that he took the test just to be certain and so that other persons can follow his example.

Melia Edwards, 22, said that she took the tests so that she can know her status.

She is encouraging other young people to take the test, “It’s good to know,” she said.

Calvin Pollard admits that he is sexually active at 76. He said: “I really feel good to know that I am negative, people should come forward and take the test”.

Twenty-six-year-old Fitzbert Robertson said that he took the test because he wanted to know the truth: “I feel real good now that I know I am negative,” he said. His girlfriend also took the test which reflected negative for her also. (AC)