Ottley Hall gets playing field funds
October 26, 2007

Ottley Hall gets playing field funds

Thanks to a $100,000 contribution from the Social Investment Fund (SIF), the community of Ottley Hall will be getting the playing field that they have been waiting years for.{{more}}

On Saturday, October 13, the chief executive officer of SIF, Bentley Browne, and president of the Urban League of Ottley Hall, Sean Frederick, put pen to paper on the arrangement that will bring the sporting facility to the community.

Browne told the disappointingly small gathering that SIF was glad to be participating in the project. He said it was just two months ago that discussions were held with the community, and SIF promised to help with the project.

He said that SIF continues to look into projects that will help improve the lives of people in poor communities.

“The poorest of the poor are targeted,” he said.

Browne explained that SIF’s funding this year is coming from an EC$14 million grant from the European Union, along with EC$1 million sourced from Venezuela’s Alba Caribe social development fund.

Besides the playing field, there are a wide range of projects being undertaken with funding from SIF, including five steel band projects, education related projects, and a water tank project for residents at Mayreau.

“SIF is playing a pivotal role in the uplifting of people,” said Sports Council Chairman Teddy James when he addressed the small agreement signing ceremony.

James said that while the sports council recognizes the need for more playing fields, it simply doesn’t have enough money to build all, hence making SIF’s contribution invaluable.

He also used the opportunity to challenge SIF to consider building a hard court near to the playing field when the current project is successfully completed.

Meanwhile, Director of Sports in the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports Nelson Hillocks told residents that they must work together to see the fulfillment of the project, and warned them not to allow disagreements that may occur to stop the progress of the project.

He also said that leadership skills can be harnessed as the project unfolds.

The SIF funds will be disbursed in four sections.

The de-bushing and cleaning of the site has been allocated $10,000, while $70,000, the bulk of the funds, will take care of the earth works. Another $10,000 will deal with seeding, and $20,000 will be used to ensure that the playing field has proper drainage.

The residents of Ottley Hall will be expected to contribute up to $20,000 in kind towards the project. This will come in the form of project management, reduced and free labour, and other assistance that could be rendered. (KJ)