October 19, 2007

SVG police force better equipped, thanks to Taiwan

The police force has taken another technological step forward, having received a donation of servers for their new database from the Republic of China on Taiwan.{{more}}

During a brief handing over ceremony at the Police Training School at Old Montrose, Director of Information Technology in the Ministry of Telecommunications, Andre Bailey said that the servers will help increase the efficiency of the police force.

According to Bailey, the Criminal Records Office of the police force can now electronically, and therefore more efficiently, store information about persons of interest, and also have information of such persons release from prison, among other things.

Bailey also commended the police force for trusting the Ministry of Telecommunications to assist them in identifying the appropriate technology needed to meet their need.

The servers are part of a two-part technology gift from the Taiwanese people valued at $150,000.

The Ministry of Telecommunications also received a multi homing gateway, which would enable them to have multiple Internet providers. This will keep operations up in the event that one provider experiences difficulties.

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller said that the donations reflected the Taiwanese people’s commitment to the government and the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

He said that the police force is grateful for the gifts, which he says adds to the long list of other donations that the Taiwanese have made, in the areas of transportation and training among others.

Meanwhile Minister of Telecommunications, Jerrol Thompson lauded the people of Taiwan for their quick response to the requests, stating that the requests were only made last year.

According to Thompson, sometimes with other sources, it takes years to get the donations; and by the time they come, they can end up being outdated.

He said that he was advised by Bailey that the equipment from Taiwan is the latest in the field.

He announced that his ministry will be working along with the police to come up with a system that could network all the police stations in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

For his part, Ambassador to St Vincent and the Grenadines from Taiwan, Jack Cheng, said that he believes the equipment will help to enhance the workmanship of all the beneficiaries.

He also said that a technical support team will be here in mid November, from Taiwan, to assist with the installation of the equipment. (KJ)