Eight for Miss Big and Beautiful
October 12, 2007

Eight for Miss Big and Beautiful

They are big, and they are beautiful. And, two Fridays from now, eight women will show just that. They are the contestants in the 11th annual Miss Big and Beautiful Pageant.{{more}}

On Friday, October 26th, at Club Marcomay, Villa, the contestants will compete in four categories, including a new, special category, which will see them parade in special independence costumes and give independence speeches.

“The costumes marking this country’s independence would be prepared by the local mas bands,” said show organizer, Pearl Williams, of Beautex International.

The other categories are African wear, talent, and the evening gown segment.

Music will be provided by the local band Yuluonians, and the show will feature two special artistes from the British Virgin Islands, Oudia Nesbit and Lincoln Ward.

National Calypso Monarch Vibrating Skates will also perform at the show.

The prizes for the competition are still being finalized.