October 5, 2007

Thousands attend ‘Make Trade Fair’ concert

Under the theme “Make Trade Fair”, thousands converged on the Calliaqua playing field last week Thursday evening for an open-air concert to show solidarity against Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA).{{more}}

Headlined by Barbadian poet Aja and his band, along with local acts Madzart, Skakes, IPA, Shaunelle Mc Kenzie and Porsah, the message was clear; EPAs are bad for Small Island states. Also performing was a Barbadian drama group, which did a four-man dialogue on the event’s theme and highlighted the plight of banana farmers.

While the entertainment was going on, ushers were busy in the crowd handing out pamphlets and encouraging persons to sign petitions against unfair trade practices by rich countries and the European Union (EU) in particular.

The event was organized by OXFAM in collaboration with Windward Islands Farmers Association (WINFA) and Caribbean Policy Development Centre as part of the efforts to sensitize persons to the dangers posed to small island state economies by EPAs. Persons were asked to join “Big Noise”, a global movement of more than 20 million people, who are calling for fair international trade rules. Persons who wish to join can log on to (AC)