September 28, 2007

Vincy Aviation launches new air, sea cargo initiative

Vincy Aviation Services announced on Wednesday the Launch of CARIBBEAN FREIGHT & COURIER Ltd (CF&C). CF&C is a new Company owned and operated by Vincy Aviation Services to handle international Air & Sea Freight, as well as international sourcing & purchasing of Goods and Services.{{more}} Caribbean Freight & Courier has recently appointed Kardel Enterprises (dba PAKYA) as Agents in Florida. Their warehouse and office facilities are located at 1557 NW 87 Ave in Miami Fl.

Caribbean Freight & Courier plans to offer Courier, Air and Sea Cargo Services to the Caribbean and Internationally. The company is working with major strategic alliance partners based in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Florida and the rest of Continental USA to ensure effective and efficient movement of goods and services to all destinations.

An interesting and personalized aspect of CF&C is the Personal Shopper Service whereby customers simply indicate what they wish to purchase and they are provided with timely and competitive quotations for their items. The new Cargo and Courier service offers likely improvement in the efficacy of Personal Shopper, as the new initiative will offer International Sourcing and purchase of Goods and Services Retail and Wholesale for individuals and Businesses, Consolidate, package and Ship to all destinations.

Vincy Aviation Services has recently partnered with Aeropost International to offer Vincentians a new option to efficiently receive their Internet purchases, mail and catalogs from U.S. suppliers directly to their offices and homes. Aeropost’s tracking system allows tracking of packages, viewing of statements online and payment for transportation services, plus the ability to access a US based prepaid debit card for problem-free online shopping.

The new Cargo and Courier initiative is a further step to Compliment the Aeropost Service launched recently by Vincy Aviation. This service has been showing significant growth, and special concessions shall be offered in the next month to customers to ensure additional growth.